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Summarize a blog post

If you want to provide readers with a taste or just the gist of a blog article you just published, you can pass the content to nokori Summarize to quickly generate a useful TL;DR;

Here is a recent article on Medium we're going to generate a summary for: A Very Gentle Introduction to Large Language Models without the Hype

Summarizing a lengthy Medium article

import nokori from '@nokori/js-sdk'

const { data, error } ={
  context: ["{{The entire article's content}}"]

The response:

Summarize response.

This article is an introduction to Large Language Models and ChatGPT, a type of conversational AI, without any technical or computer science knowledge. It describes the idea of artificial intelligence, breaking it down into basics, and explains the concept of deep learning: the recognition that we can put other things in our circuits besides resistors and gates. Masked Language Models are then introduced - a system that takes in a sequence of words and generates a sequence of words with one word in the input and output blanked out. These models illustrate the concept of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT, and it is discussed how these models should be understood and what we can expect from them.

Notice: the example Medium article is 9,576 words. The summary is 117.

Summarize a recent TechCrunch article

Here's a recent TechCrunch article about possible new Tesla models: Elon Musk teases two new EVs, says Tesla is already building one

Again, using our SDKs let's quickly summarize the article's content:

Summarizing a TechCrunch article

import nokori from '@nokori/js-sdk'

const { data, error } ={
  context: ["{{The entire article's content}}"]

The Response:

TechCrunch article summary

At the Tesla 2023 annual shareholders’ meeting, CEO Elon Musk teased two new electric vehicles (EVs), claiming that Tesla is already building one of them. He also shared a rendered image of one of the vehicles as a teaser, which could be the $25,000 hatchback Musk previously mentioned. Tesla further confirmed plans to build a gigafactory in Mexico, with speculation indicating it may produce the "Model 2" hatchback. During the meeting, Musk stated that these two vehicles combined could exceed sales of 5 million units per year and that self-driving Teslas would make ride-sharing redundant. Former CTO JB Straubel was announced to return to the company's board, and Tesla plans to use traditional advertising to promote new features.